Time goes by...
To be honest...

this project just did not very well. We did some nice things with the reading of tiles, colors and skills from muls files. Unfortunetally, we did not quite finish some of that stuff :-/. I hope i will cleanup some of that code an re-start from the basics during this year.
First Utility: UO Proxy
UO Proxy is a small Proxy-like Programm that will be used to analys the whole UO-Traffic.
It is the first try. So there is still a lot of space for improvements.

Besides of the Archive you may find in "Downloads", you can obtain the source-code via subversion-checkout.
juo using now maven and hudson CI
I am currently using maven and hudson to improve the source stability.
We are going on with supporting all basic UO-Files with java libs.

We still need some more Help. Especially the whole networking stuff is still without any developers.
I am currently working on a summary manual for all stuff around UO.
So this will deal with the different file formats, but also with the networking protocol.
There are still a lot of documentation around the net. So my main task is to collect all of them and merge them into one document.
Of course i won't steal anything. I will give the source for every bit of information within the manual.

I also have transfered the build system towards maven2.

I wish you all the best for 2009!
Back again!
After some time of silence, juo is back online.
We are currently working on a complete collection of all UO-Formats.
This will be a description about the file formats and the networking protocols.

After this part, we will start to create an UO library (basically a jar), to read/write the UO-Mul-Files with Java.