juo using now maven and hudson CI
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I am currently using maven and hudson to improve the source stability.
We are going on with supporting all basic UO-Files with java libs.

We still need some more Help. Especially the whole networking stuff is still without any developers.
I am currently working on a summary manual for all stuff around UO.
So this will deal with the different file formats, but also with the networking protocol.
There are still a lot of documentation around the net. So my main task is to collect all of them and merge them into one document.
Of course i won't steal anything. I will give the source for every bit of information within the manual.

I also have transfered the build system towards maven2.

I wish you all the best for 2009!
Back again!
After some time of silence, juo is back online.
We are currently working on a complete collection of all UO-Formats.
This will be a description about the file formats and the networking protocols.

After this part, we will start to create an UO library (basically a jar), to read/write the UO-Mul-Files with Java.